My Best Buds' Web Pages


A true friend to me is someone who will be there when the chips are down. --Jordan Knight

Many of my friends have web pages of their own. I think they are a lot of fun, and I just wanted to share! The pages are on a wide variety of topics. Here are links to them. Enjoy!

The Adrienne Show

All Things Buffy

Amanda's Place

Beth and Wes's Page

Brandon's Page

Cassie's Page

Chrissy Aitchison's Home Page

Chrissy's New Home Page


Dreamy's Place

Ezzy's Page

Jackie's Page

Lady Jack's Page

Lovely Poet's Inner Sanctum

Lynn's Page

My Cave of Wonders

Raul's House of Stuff

Rock the Rock Webdesign

Spitmonkey's Homepage

Spitmonkey's Online Journal

The Musician's Haven

The Truth Is Out There!

Tim's Online Portfolio

Welcome to A Little Slice of My Life

Welcome to My Menagerie

You've Entered...Spitopia!

Yvonne's Web Page

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