Seductive. Passionate. Twisted.
Burning quietly in a world of its own.
It lures you in, holding you, making you feel safe.
Suddenly it jumps, sparks flying,
Its multiple personalities showing through.
It flickers and dances, taunting you.
Its long fingers beckon you, call you,
Drawing you in, more and more, with its every move.
The whisps of smoke float forward,
Confusing and clouding your vision.
You want to escape, but you cannot.
The fire holds a hypnotizing quality all of its own,
Enveloping you, trapping you, not letting you go.
It burns brightly, keeping you captivated.
Orange, red, yellow, and blue fires burn,
Their bright colors holding you prisoner.
The fire has become your sole desire,
And it never intends to let you out of its clutches.

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